For developing software it is very important to have a methodology implemented which can pave for efficient processes. SCRUM Development Methodology is the most widely preferred agile software development approach.

At Findroids, we follow these 8 steps to ensure good customer and end user experiences throughout design, build, test and Go-Live/Production:

Component Identification

Components contribute to the main building block within a software architecture. During design all possible business components are identified. These components are either created from scratch or reused if already available. These components act as the primary source of input to understand the bigger picture as well as the complete solution.

Finalizing contracts

Any third party dependencies (e.g. consuming an api that is already available) are sorted out by finalizing the contracts between the provider and consumers. These contracts are then taken for realization.

Security Design

Security forms are the backbone of any solution. Depending on the data criticality, appropriate security mechanism starting from SSL till blockchain, are included in the solution.

Scalability Document

This is the core component of a software design. The designed solution must be easy to change based on changing market situations. An artefact that details out the complete solution along with its various technical components will be created.

Logical/ Physical data model design

A software cannot work without data. Based on the business requirement and normalization principles, appropriate data model which suits the business need will be created in this step.

UML Diagrams

We visualize the code on paper. This step takes us to the age old proven principle of writing algorithms for each software component that will be created. This will be further given to the developers who can realize it in their respective technology

Four days acid test to make sure the communication link is established without any failure

Before we code, we prove that the design works. This acid test include all the above steps and appropriate mocks will be created to confirm that the design is flawless.

Wireframe design

A beautiful User Interface makes the user smile. This step is to maximise that smile

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