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Fully automate your bank payment process

This tool enables corporates to centrally control and automate payment runs across group entities for both in-house and external banks. The tool has ample internal controls: e.g. when an execution error occurs, the tool identifies open invoices, blocks them and alerts the user. Users keep control: once the issue is corrected simply unblock the invoices in the enhanced dashboard and they automatically reschedule for the next payment run.

Checkout the video above for a snapshot of this powerful tool.

Automate the entire bank payments process (from open invoices to in-house / external bank feedback)

Labour saving process automation to help you run your in-house bank more efficiently.

Stay in full control of the automation via an enhanced dashboard app. Measure KPIs and manage exceptions in one place.

The transparency of the enhanced dashboard enables end-to-end exception monitoring, giving you full control over automated bank payment processes. The enhanced dashboard view also lets you monitor efficiency, process, function, shared financial services and external banks, etc.

Product features:

Enhanced dashboard for in-house banks

Full process automation

Automated local payment run scheduling, in-house bank posting, sanctions filtering & external bank communications.

The enhanced group level dashboard app monitors the entire chain

Whether due to technical or business issues, the enhanced dashboard alerts you to payment batch / item failures throughout the process chain. It also reverses the flow for said items and blocks any associated invoices.

Easy exception handling

Once an error is corrected simply unblock the invoices from the enhanced dashboard. Those invoices then get picked up in the next automated run.

KPIs measure your external banks and financial shared service centers (FSSCs)

The enhanced dashboard shows statistics on the number of internal v external payments, rejections per external bank etc. allowing you to measure the efficiency of your external banks and FSSCs.

Findroids’ automated in-house bank payment tool, driven by 1 Fiori enhanced dashboard app, carries out the following tasks

KPI overview
  • Payment rejections per external bank
  • Per payment type volume statistics
  • Master data related payment rejections
  • Errors per process step
Payment Exception monitor
  • Monitors F110
  • Monitors Internal bank posting
  • Monitors sanction filters
  • Monitors external bank communications
  • Reversal chain in case error detected
  • Email alert in addition to updating enhanced dashboard 
Blocking/unblocking Invoices
  • Lists all blocked invoices
  • Unblocking invoices from the enhanced dashboard
  • Direct updates to invoice documents

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