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Full automation of your internal bank payment process

This tool automates local payment runs, processing of payments in both internal bank and your external banks. If there is an error in executing any of the process steps, the tool reverses all steps back to open invoices and blocks the invoices with a special indicator – in addition to informing the user. Once the issue is fixed the user can simply unblock the invoices from the cockpit so they are picked up in the next scheduled payment run.

Play the video above to get a glance of this powerful tool.

Automate your internal bank payment process from open invoices to internal/external bank feedbacks

Bring down the manual effort to zero – while also running your internal bank efficiently.

Take total control over the automation using our cockpit app. Measure KPIs and handle exceptions from one place

End to end process monitor cockpit enables you to control the automated functioning of your internal bank payment process and handle exceptions. In addion, the cockpit view enables you to measure the efficiency of different process steps and functions – Financial shared service, Banks etc.

Product details:

Internal bank Cockpit

Automate all process steps

Local payment run schedules, internal bank postings, sanctions filter & external bank communication.

Monitor the chain with one central cockpit app

The cockpit will alert you if a particular payment item/batch failed in anywhere of the process chain with technical/business reasons, in addition to reversing the whole flow for that particular item and blocking the invoice(s) involved in it.

Handle exceptions easily

Once you corrected the error, you simply need to unblock the invoice(s) from the cockpit. Then those invoices will be picked up in the next automated run.

Measure KPIs of your housebanks and Financial shared services center(s)

The statistics shown in the dashboard such as number of internal payments vs external payments, payment rejections per bank etc., allows you
to measure the efficiency of your house banks and FSSC.

Automated internal bank payment solution comes with 1 cockpit Fiori app which perform the following tasks

Overview of KPIs
  • Payment rejections per house bank
  • Statistics on volume per payment type
  • Master data related payment rejections
  • Errors per process step
Payment Exception monitor
  • Monitors F110
  • Monitors Internal bank postings
  • Monitors sanctions filter
  • Monitors external bank communication
  • Reversal chain in case error deducted
  • Email alert in addition to updating cockpit
Blocking/unblocking Invoices
  • Lists all blocked invoices
  • Unblocking invoices from cockpit
  • Direct update into invoice document

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