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Triangulated Reconciliation – Keep all books updated, at all times

Keep bank and client books updated promptly and consistently. Identify posting discrepancies (internal client account vs in-house current account balances and client accounts payable vs accounts receivable)

Check out the video above for a snapshot of this powerful tool

Identify group and entity level in-house bank ledger discrepancies between clients and owners

Save time with our triangulated reporting app to quickly locate discrepancies

Product features:

IHB (In-house bank) reconciliation tool

Simply run the report app

Run the report app, to fetch and triangulate the data to show:​
1. Where potential discrepancies are
2. How much they are out by

The Triangulated reconciliation tool is powered by 1 Fiori App that manages the following tasks

Triangulated reconciliations
  • Overall status and balance per internal bank account
  • Internal bank balance vs group level bank results
  • Internal bank balance vs group level clients results
  • Group level bank vs group level client results
  • Discrepancies in the above

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