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Automated accurate real-time cash positions

Build in group policy compliance to drive accurate, automated cash positions and receive automatic lending/deposit prompts.

Checkout the video above for a snapshot of this powerful tool.

Automate end-to-end deal slip management in SAP Treasury

From internal deal registration to statement posting save on manual labour by predefining the logic for daily cash surplus/deficit positions.

Automatically generate SAP Treasury deals

Handy prompts help you stay in control of the automation process. Approve or edit deals, based on automatically registered SAP treasury transactions.

Product features:

Deal slip management

Trigger deal slip prompts

The tool automatically prepares deal slip prompts based on internal policies and statement postings to the entities’ books.

Keep Full control

Accept or amend suggested deal slips changes as you see fit.

Automatic SAP deal transaction creation

Simply accept prompts and the tool automatically creates internal SAP treasury core deal transactions.

Approve deal transactions created in SAP

All internal SAP deal transactions await approval/settlement by back office.

The deal slip management tool is powered by 7 Fiori Apps which carry out the following tasks

Deal slip management
  • Configuring rules for surplus/deficit scenarios
  • Configuring approvers
  • Cash position overview per entity
  • Deal slip prompts per entity
  • Deal slip acceptance/amendments
  • Internal deal transaction approvals
  • Process monitoring

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