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Automated deal slip suggestions based on daily cash position

With this tool, you are able to get deal slips suggestions automatically once the daily statement updates the cash position of the entities. Predefined rules set in the tool suggest loans in case of deficit cash position and recommend loan closures and short term deposits towards the Group, in case of surplus cash position.

Play the video above to get a glance of this powerful tool.

Automate deal slip management from statement posting to internal deal registration in SAP Treasury

Save manual work by predefining the logics to handle surplus and deficit cash positions, on a daily basis.

Automated deal creation in SAP treasury based on your acceptance of the suggestions

The suggestions will be waiting for your acceptance and/or amendmends based on which Deal transactions are automatically registered in SAP treasury.

Product details:

Deal slip management

Get deal slip suggestions

Based on successful statement postings on the entities’ books, the product automatically prepares deal slip suggestions for you.

Decide on accepting or amending deal slip suggestions

You can accept the deal slip suggestions or amend changes to the suggestion as you see fit.

Automatic creation of deal transactions in SAP

Based on your acceptance of the suggestions the product will automatically create internal deal transactions in SAP treasury core.

Approve deal transactions created in SAP

All internal deal transactions created in SAP will be waiting for approval/settlement by back office.

Deal slip management tool comes with 7 Fiori apps which perform the following tasks

Deal slip management
  • Configuring rules for surplus/deficit scenario
  • Configuring approvers
  • Cash position overview per entity
  • Deal slip suggestion per entity
  • Deal slip acceptance/amendments
  • Internal deal transactions approval
  • Process monitor

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