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Automatic SAP deal matching

This tool helps when only PDF/paper-based confirmations will do. Match PDF/paper-based counterparty deal confirmations against SAP transactions. When transactions are created in SAP, back office waits for counterparty confirmation and then settles the deal

Checkout the video above for a snapshot of this powerful tool

Automatically extract counterparty data and identify the deals in SAP

Cut down drastically on manual work. Simply feed PDF/paper-based confirmations into the tool and the app automatically traces SAP transactions and settles them for you.

Monitor deals that couldn’t be matched automatically

The matching monitor highlights deals that can’t be matched automatically. Simply highlight the PDF and the tool locates the corresponding transaction.

Product features:

Automatic Deal matching

Simply drag and drop PDFs to start deal matching in SAP

The tool extracts information from the PDF and automatically searches SAP to find a match.

Monitor transaction match success rates

The monitor displays successful matches and highlights unmatched transactions.

Exception management made easy

For unmatched transactions, click to see the PDF, highlight the data you want to search (amount, instrument etc.) and let the tool retrieve the missing deals.

The deal matching tool is powered by 2 Fiori Apps, which carry out the following tasks

Deal matching
  • Setting up folders, instruments and bank templates
  • Scheduling background jobs
  • Deal monitoring
  • Launching transaction matching
  • Managing exceptions in SAP

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