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Automatic counterparty deal confirmation matching against transactions in SAP

With this tool, you are able to match pdf/paper based counterparty deal confirmations against transactions created in SAP. Deal transactions are created in SAP and then the back office waits for counterparty confirmations before settling the deal transactions. Not all counterparty confirmations are electronic/SWIFT based. This tool is for the ones that can only send PDF/paper based confirmations.

Play the video above to get a glance of this powerful tool.

Automate deal transaction identification extracting information from PDF based confirmations from your counterparty

Save manual work by simply feeding the PDF/paper based confirmations to this tool. It will find the deal transaction in SAP and settle it for you.

Monitor the ones that couldn’t be matched automatically

The matching monitor highlights the ones that couldn’t be matched automatically. Simply mark at the right place in the PDF document shown so the tool can find the corresponding deal transaction based on the marked information.

Product details:

Deal matching

Place the PDF document in a folder to initiate matching

The tool will extract information from the PDF and search for the deal transaction in SAP to find a match.

Monitor the match success rate

The monitor will present you with the details of the transactions that are successfully matched while also highlighting the ones that couldn’t be matched.

Handle exceptions easily

For the ones that couldn’t be matched click on the details to see the PDF. Mark the information like amount, instrument etc., the tool will try to find the deal transactions in SAP based on the information marked out.

Deal matching tool comes with 2 Fiori apps which perform the following tasks

Deal matching
  • Configuring the folders, instruments and bank templates
  • Scheduling the background jobs
  • Monitor to initiate matching and handle exceptions

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