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Statement process automation – stay on top of exceptions in real time

The tool uses SAP APIs to automate posting and fetching of bank statement, balance and transaction enquiries (CAMT, XML, MT940, PSD2).

Checkout the video above for a snapshot of this powerful tool.

Labour saving automation

Set BAM (Bank Account Management) data to fully automate statement uploads and posting.

Handle exceptions with ease

Get real-time alerts on open items for each external bank account.

Real-time tracking and collaboration made easy

The collaboration tool brings in-house and external teams closer together helping them quickly identify and clear open items.

Product features:

Statement monitor

Automate bank statement posting

Upload and post daily bank statements CAMT and/or XML, in addition to intra-day and real-time accounts payable reporting.

One stop shop to track all statement activity

The monitor searches the SAP Bank Account Management module for statements due, in the following user categories:

1. Expected statements (tolerance not yet breached)
2. Delayed statements (within tolerance)
3. Missing statements (tolerance breached)
4. Received statements (includes posting status)

Handle exceptions

Enable clearing of open items by using the statement exception and collaboration tools. Get easy access to valuable information and insights about open items, for each in-house bank account. Use the powerful collaboration tool to bring banks, AR teams and outsourced parties closer together,

Automated statement tool powered by 2 Fiori Apps, performing the following tasks

Statement monitoring
  • Status categorisation (Missing, Delayed, Expected and received), for all accounts
  • Alerts framework informs IT teams, AR teams and/or the bank
Statement exception monitor
  • Lists open items per external bank for each entity
  • Note to payee information displayed as received in the statement
  • Options to post on payment, vendor, or group level customer clearing
Collaboration tool
  • Chat box with audit log

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