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Get connected to your house banks – faster than ever

The readily deployable API/webservice based tool kit allows you to connect to your house banks’ APIs faster than ever.  No time consuming bank connectivity implementation projects. No cost consuming middleware nor security tools required. The tool utilises SAP’s off the shelf capabilities
with regards to signing, encryption and secured transfer of payments to your house banks directly from your SAP.

Play the video above to get a glance of this powerful tool.

Save time and money with faster connections to your house banks directly from SAP

No time consuming bank connectivity implementation projects. This readily deployable connectivity kit allows you to simply embed the connections to your house banks directly in your SAP system.

No third party security and/or transmission tools

The kit utilises SAP’s standard off the shelf security features for digital signatures, encryption/decryption and secure transmission of payments, feedback and statement retrieval.

Product details:

Fast connections

Deployment instead of implementation

Bank connectivity implementation projects requires time and effort to establish connectivity (H2H or SWIFT bureau) to your house banks. In addition, connectivity implementations require third party middleware/B2B transmission tools to secure payment transmission. This deployment kit provides off the shelf connectivity to your house banks directly from SAP.

Monitor transmissions

The kit also comes with a Fiori app to monitor the transmission of different messages to and from your house banks. Proactive alert mechanism informs your support staff with the status of all API transmissions towards your house banks.

Bank deployment kit comes with 1 Fiori app which perform the following tasks

API transmission status to/from your house banks
  • Status of different API transmissions: Payments, feedbacks & statements etc.
  • Statistics: No of API calls, number of payments sent etc.
  • Alerts to support in case of transmission failure

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