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Get connected to your external banks – faster than ever

The rapidly deployed API/web service toolkit lets you connect to external bank APIs faster than ever. No lengthy bank connectivity implementations. No need for costly middleware or security tools. The tool plugs directly into SAP’s off the shelf capabilities for signing, encryption with bank ready security compliance for transfers to your external banks.

Check out the video above for a snapshot of this powerful tool

Connect with external banks directly from SAP to save time and money

No time-consuming bank connectivity implementation projects. This ready to deploy connectivity kit allows you to embed external bank connections directly into SAP

No third-party security or transmission tools

Increase security by operating a single SAP embedded tool – no need for any third-party tools

Product features:

Fast connections

Plug n’play – no lengthy implementation projects

This deployment kit delivers off the shelf connectivity to your external banks directly from SAP. No more slow, costly external bank connectivity (H2H or SWIFT bureau) implementation projects. No dependency on third party middleware/B2B transmission tools to secure payment processing

Monitor transmissions

The kit comes with a Fiori App to monitor message transmissions to and from your banks. A proactive alert mechanism lets your support staff know about all API enabled transmissions to your external banks

Bank deployment kit is powered by 1 Fiori App carrying out the following tasks

  • API transmission status (payments, feedback & statements etc.), to/from external banks 
  • Statistics: Number of API calls, payments sent, etc.
  • Support alerts for transmission failure

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