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Formats To Go – Accelerate your bank XML formatting

Move your bank formatting tasks to the business – intuitive and fast implementations.

Play the video above to get a glance of this powerful tool.

Cost reduction of implementation

Instead of developing bank specific payment formats using DMEE engine, this tool comes with pre-built bank and payment formats which you can simply activate.

Reduced testing time & easy maintenance

These bank and payment formats are pre-tested. Meaning you don’t need to spend time testing it. Changes to the formats can be simply uploaded as notes/hot fixes freeing you from keeping track of ongoing changes made to the formats from bank or EPC sides.

One tool fits all payment types

Local clearing house rules and logics are covered by the tool – Danish OCR, Norwegian KID, SEPA/Instant SEPA, BACS, CHAPS, FASTER in UK, Giro payments in Sweden, ACH, WIRE, and CHEQUE in US etc. You simply only need to map your payment method/supplement in SAP to the payment type offered by the tool.

Product details:

Formats to go

Map and activate
business config

The tool list the formats offered along with options to map your payment methods, supplements, instruction keys, charge bearer, bulk payments and along with your OCR treatment in SAP. Simply by mapping the information, your payment process will use this tool to format output payment messages during daily payment runs.

Map and activate
tech. config

If your SAP customizing is more tailored and if the above flexibility is not enough, then the tech config. option allows to directly map SAP database tables and field names to the information required for each payment type. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to simply map out the details instead of building the formats from scratch.

Formats to go – comes with 2 Fiori apps which perform the following tasks

Formats to go – Business
  • Lists formats offered
  • Provides option to assign your SAP payment setup to one of the formats offered
  • Flexible option to capture your paying habits in different countries
  • Direct integration to your SAP standard payment config. setup, processes and daily payment runs
Formats to go – IT
  • Lists formats offered in this package
  • Provides option to map SAP database table fields directly to payment information required for each format offered
  • Direct integration to your SAP standard payment config. setup, processes and daily payment runs

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