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Real-time, mirror deal error spotting made easy

In-house trades need to be mirrored (group to entity and vice versa), but later changes often fail to get mirrored, this tool flags up the discrepancies in real-time.

Play the video above for a snapshot of this powerful tool.

Get proactive on mirror deal creation

Mirror deals can end up not getting created for various reasons in SAP: lack of trade authorization; missing configurations; user roles; etc. This tool instantly identifies errors and lets you take fast corrective action.

Match mirror deals from start to finish

This tool also lets you identify ongoing changes and discrepancies between master and mirror deals as they happen.

Product features:

Automatic real-time mirror deal matching

Capture missing mirror deals

The tool highlights all SAP transactions with missing mirror deals.

Track real-time discrepancies

The tool can also spot discrepancies between the master and mirror deal in real-time.

Real-time mirror deal matching tool, powered by 2 Fiori Apps, carrying out the following tasks

Live mirror deal matching
  • Highlight missing mirror deals
  • Highlight discrepancies in real-time / as and when detected

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