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Check your day/month-end exceptions with an awesome enhanced dashboard for automated in-house banking

The tool checks that daily statements are posted to accounts. Updates are triggered by day/month-end process chain tasks (such as: payment order posting; internal cash pooling; day change posting; interest and withholding tax calculations; bank statement generation; balance sheet preparation; group level transfers; run clearing and reconciliations). The enhanced dashboard automatically updates the status for each step in real-time, whilst still giving you the option to restart manually.

Checkout the video above for a snapshot of this powerful tool.

Automate your day/month-end processes for your IHB (In-house Bank)

Bring manual efforts down to almost zero – while running your IHB more efficiently.

Take total control of your process automation via our enhanced dashboard app

Monitor and handle all your day/month-end exceptions and successes in one place, with user-friendly restart switches.

Product features:

Enhanced dashboard for IHB day/month-end

Automate your entire work flow

Run your clearing and reconciliations automatically from POS payment orders; internal cash pooling; posting intra-day changes; interest and withholding tax calculations; bank statement generation; balance sheet preparation and group level transfer approvals.

Use the enhanced dashboard application to centrally monitor the entire chain

The enhanced dashboard alerts you to failed steps in the process. In addition, it pauses day/month-end transactions. Detailed error reports enable end-users to quickly identify and fix underlying issues.

Enhanced dashboard Fiori App, with day/month-end tool, carrying out the following tasks

Day/month-end monitor
  • Statement posting status
  • Bank area / run dates
  • Chain status from SAP
  • Statement distribution status
  • Triangulated reconciliation status
  • Open items list

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