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Automate your payment process

This tool runs as scheduled – picking up invoices that are due until the next run, formatting the batches and transactions – per house bank and delivering to the respective house banks. The monitor is updated with feedbacks on transactions and batches from the banks – real time.

Play the video above to get a glance of this powerful tool.

Invoice approved -> Invoice paid at due date

Automate your payment process. The invoices that are due are automatically picked up and formatted per house bank’s requirements and sent without manual intervention.

Monitor and handle exceptions with ease

Our payment exception monitor picks up all the invoices that couldn’t be bundled Into payment documents during payment runs. In addition, the monitor parses? through the payment log and lists the reason for failure which makes it easy for your AP team to identify and fix the underlying issue.

Product details:

Payment process cockpit

Automate daily payment runs

Schedule the RPA to do your daily payment runs. The tool will pick up the invoices due until next payment run, applies necessary formatting per
payment type and per house bank’s requirement and directly deliver the payment instructions to the corresponding house banks.

Monitor payment exceptions

Monitor the payment run exceptions with list of invoices that couldn’t be bundled into the payment instruction along with the reason fetched parsing? SAP standard payment log. The block/unblock invoices button gives you the room to fix the underlying issue and then open up the invoice for payments again.

Monitor bank feedbacks

If you haven’t utilized the SAP standard BCM, this app allows you to monitor the feedbacks on the payment instructions sent to your various house banks. In addition, the app provides you with possibility to monitor cross-border payments utilizing SWIFT GPI tracking API services.

Automated payment solution comes with 2 Fiori apps which perform the following tasks

Payment exception monitor
  • Status on payment runs
  • List of exceptions on invoice level
  • Reason for failure
  • Block/Unblock invoices
Payment feedback monitor
  • Status on payment instructions sent to banks
  • Technical feedback updates as and when banks sends these
  • Functional feedback updates as and when banks sends these
  • Rejection reason
  • Reversal chain trigger upon rejection (optional)
  • SWIFT GPI tracking on cross-border payments (on demand)

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