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Fully automate your payment process

This tool formats external bank transaction batches and schedules invoice runs to banks. The monitor updates transaction and bank feedback in real-time.

Checkout the video above for a snapshot of this powerful tool

Invoices approved and paid on time

This tool gives you the option to fully automate your payment process, eliminating manual intervention. The due invoices are automatically picked up and formatted to comply with external bank requirements.

Monitor and handle exceptions with ease

Our payment exception monitor picks up all the invoices that couldn’t be bundled Into payment documents during payment runs. The monitor also studies the payment log and lists failures with reasons, making it easy for accounts payable teams to fix underlying issues.

Product features:

Enhanced dashboard for payment process

Automate daily payment runs

Use the RPA tool to schedule and action your daily payment runs. The tool automatically picks up invoices for the next run, applies the relevant formatting (type and requirements) and delivers the payment instructions directly to the corresponding external bank(s).

Monitor payment exceptions

Automatically parse SAP’s standard payment log to identify invoices that couldn’t be bundled into the last instruction and pull up the reasons why.
The block/unblock invoice button lets you fix underlying issues and process for payment once more.

Monitor bank feedback

This app lets you monitor feedback on payment instructions from external banks even when you haven’t used or purchased SAP’s standard BCM. The app also lets you follow cross-border payments using SWIFT’s API services for GPI tracking.

Automated payment tool powered by 2 Fiori Apps carrying out the following tasks

Payment exception monitor
  • Status on payment runs
  • List of exceptions on invoice level
  • Reason for failure
  • Block/Unblock invoices
Payment feedback monitor
  • Payment instruction status, as sent to the banks
  • Technical feedback updates, as and when banks send them
  • Functional feedback updates, as and when banks send them
  • Rejection – with reasons
  • Optional chain trigger reversal on rejection
  • SWIFT GPI tracking of cross-border payments (on demand)

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